Claire  is the author of five books

Friends in Fur Coats, written with her daughter, Sarah Buchlaw, is a gentle, imaginative adventure with stuffed animals turned real. Here is a review of the book by author and Georgia Writers Hall of Fame honoree, Janisse Ray: “Young Noah, like most children, is so attuned to animals that he joins them in his dreams, wondering why he has skin rather than fur. This lovely book looks at the ways animals benefit from their fur. It is beautifully rendered and fun to read.”

Max Talks to Me, published by The Gryphon Press, a charming story of a dog and his boy, demonstrates the human-dog bond and shows how dogs and humans can communicate.  Max Talks to Me is a 2008 Humane Society of the US KIND Children’s Honor book.

Are You Ready for Me?,   also published by Gryphon, has helped dozens of  families decide whether they and a dog are right for each other. The complete education and decision-making kit available on Gryphon’s website was also written by Claire, and is available as a free complement to the book.

The Mitzvah Go-Round brings the whimsy and style of Dr. Seuss
to Jewish themes.  The Puppet Book, published by Plays, Inc. contains six original, full-length puppet shows, and detailed information on how to produce every aspect of a puppet show, from building a puppet theater to pre-recording shows. It’s a great book for school use, since older students can create puppet shows to perform for younger students.

Take a Sneak Peek at Claire’s nonfiction manuscript, 800 Elephants to Tea: An Invitation to Imaginative Parenting,  nonfiction for parents and educators on the power of imagination, and how to engage in reading, storytelling, writing, and particularly imaginative play with kids of all ages.

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