Here are answers to questions that people often ask:

How long have you been a writer?
My whole life in a way.  I have always loved to write.
I have been a professional writer and editor since I was 18.

What’s your favorite type of writing to do?
Experiential writing, and writing for children and parents.

What do you like to read?
Children’s and young adult books, literary fiction,  and mysteries.

Do you have any favorite authors?
So many! It would take a long time to tell you all my favorite authors and books. Favorite children’s authors include Emilie Buchwald, Susan Cooper,
E.L. Konigsburg, and John D.Fitzgerald. For young adult books, I enjoy Joan Bauer, Barbara Wersba, and Margaret Mahy. Adult favorites include Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, and, my current favorite, Alexander Mccall Smith, whose every book my Mom and I buy and read as soon as it is available.
Favorite picture book authors include Maurice Sendak, Russell and Lillian Hoban, Else Holmelund Minarik, Jackie French, and my all-time favorite,
Dr. Seuss. 

Will you come give book talks?
Yes! I love to give book talks and readings, especially to kids. 

What are two truths and a lie about you?
Okay, see if you can guess the one lie:
—I was once kidnapped by gypsies.
—I have ridden in a Soviet personnel carrier.
—My favorite ice cream is rocky road.

 You have written two books about dogs.
Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Well, I used to say that my husband and I had a mixed marriage, because I grew up with dogs and he grew up with cats.  Now, we have a blended family of a rescued dog and two rescued cats.  I love them all.

What are your pets’ names?

Our new rescued animal (all my cats and dogs have been rescues) is a border collie cross named Remi. Our collie was named Lilly. Our cats are Kazimir (we call him Kazi) and Eli. My family’s previous pets have been named: Mango (an orange tabby), Keltie (a black-and-white border collie-sheltie mix), and Foxie (an adventurous sheltie mix who looked like a fox).  When I was growing up, we also had a German Shepherd named Buck and three Great Pyrenees—Lyra Bear, Lancelot du Lac, and Vanilla Bear.  

Do you have any kids?
Yes, my kids—Sarah, Alexander, and Kate—keep my imagination alive.

What do you do when you’re not writing?
Parenting, volunteering in schools, exercising, reading–and sleeping whenever I can. I am also the Director of a two-part business:
The Writing Source does writing and editing.
FOCUS Interactive Research specializes in qualitative research, outreach, evaluation, and strategic planning for nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses.  I also work as a program planner and facilitator for GTS Educational Events.

What are you working on in your writing now?
I just completed a nonfiction manuscript for parents and educators.
It is called An Invitation to Imagination.  You can take a sneak peek at the book’s introduction, get imaginative parenting tips, and find out more about how to do reading, storytelling, writing, and especially pretend play with kids on the Imaginative Parenting website.  Oh, and take my imaginative parenting survey too, if you want (look for the popup slider on the right): 

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