About Claire

I have been a professional writer and editor for 35 years. I particularly love to write for children, parents, and educators.

One subject that fascinates me is the power of imagination in people’s lives.  My current manuscript, 800 Elephants to Tea: An Invitation to Imaginative Parenting, demonstrates the extraordinary benefits of imaginative parenting and shows how to do it. For more information, including imaginative parenting ideas and a sneak peek at 800 Elephant’s to Tea: An Invitation to Imaginative Parenting, please see the book’s website.

I have written and edited hundreds of texts, including curricula, training materials, research reports, puppet shows, papers, parenting articles, books and book chapters, talks, websites, and workshops.  Learn more about my writing services at The Writing Source website.

My Ph.D. in Communication from UCSD included focused study on research, teamwork, teaching, learning, and organizational communication.  I am a community researcher and evaluator, specializing in qualitative research and planning on complex and sensitive subjects. I currently work as an educational conference planner for the National League of Cities.

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